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Seeking Volunteers

Many of the SJGSDC members will be trialing and unable to help at the event making it imperative for us to get help from the region.  

There are numerous ways you can help.  A partial list of jobs we need help with is....


1. Group - We need 4 people for the group.  Ideally, we would like to have the same 4 people in the group for the full day.  If your club would like to volunteer for Saturday, Sunday or both days, please click below to send an email to the event coordinators or reach out to either Terry Macias or Diane O'Brien directly.

2. Announcer - We need someone with a commanding voice and not afraid to speak loud and proud to assist with the announcing.​

3. Tracking spotters and assistants. 

4. Raffle attendant

5. Snack Bar Helper

6. T-shirt Stand Assistant

7. Field  - You will be responsible for field set up for obedience and protection. 

If you would like to help out at the event, please send us an email.



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